2018 Volkswagen Arteon - Pre-Sales Started

2018 VW Arteon is available to order and configure. There will be two engine choices at launch: TSI and TDI

Meet the Newest Fastback 2018 Volkswagen Arteon

In car design circles, the word “fastback” means a car with a roof line that glides to its tail with one smooth, seamless curve. The Beetle may be the most famous example of such a car, while Volkswagen’s popular...

I.D. Buzz Concept Makes European Debut at the Geneva Auto Show

The new electric MPV is the second model in the I.D. range and provides a look ahead to the future. In particular, it shows that the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB) is well suited to larger vehicles as well

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI - This isn't Your Father's GTI

2017 Volkwagen Golf GTI is one of the most persistent GTI cars around the world. It’s so dominant in that GTI designations is synonymous with Golf GTI. As we all know, 2016 wasn’t a great year for Volkswagen brands...

The new Volkswagen Arteon will be introduced at the Geneva Auto Show

The new Volkswagen Arteon will make its world debut at the Geneva Auto Show. The new fastback model is positioned above the Passat and Avant-garde Gran Turismo is a stylish entry in the premium mid-size class.

Volkswagen announced fuel economy figures for the 2017 e-Golf

The new e-Golf offers an improved EPA-estimated range and fuel economy, as well as more power. 2017, Volkswagen is using a new lithium-ion battery with an increased energy capacity of 35.8 kWh from 24.2 kWh.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Weekend Edition: Versatility with Go-Anywhere Attitude

The all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas that will hit American roads this Spring was designed to let people live a life as big as their imaginations. At the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, Volkswagen of America, Inc., will demonstrate...

All-new VW SUV Volkswagen Atlas World Premiere

Volkswagen of Chattanooga announced on their Facebook page Wednesday the price of their new, Chattanooga, TN made SUV.

Volkswagen Remakes Their Classic Van Into An All-Electric Concept Vehicle

I.D. Buzz, the campervan, holds up to eight people, has two luggage compartments, autonomous drive, full electric and more. Simply a van you can dream of now becoming a reality with VW I.D. Buzz.

The Volkswagen Atlas Will Be Hilariously Cheaper Than The Touareg  

The Volkswagen Atlas is the mid-size SUV that the brand should have sold in the US over ten years ago. Instead, we got the overpriced Touareg.