posted in Autofan News section January 24, 2017

Video: How fast your Range Rover Sport SVR: Gripping Acceleration

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Come rain or shine, grass or gravel, snow or sand, the Range Rover Sport SVR delivers devastating pace.

Merging legendary all-terrain capability with 550PS V8 power and advanced traction technology provides Land Rover’s fastest vehicle with unique real world performance. Since going on sale in Spring 2015, the Range Rover Sport SVR has showcased the abilities of Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. This model has contributed to more than 285,000 second-generation Range Rover Sports being delivered to customers around the world since its launch in 2014. Many will have been attracted by the 0-100km/h time of only 4.7 seconds, but the official figure only scratches the surface of the Range Rover Sport’s capability.

TERRAIN, MODE & 0-100KM/H (0-62.1371 Miles/H) 

Asphalt - Dynamic mode = 4.7 seconds

Grass - Grass, Gravel and Snow mode = 5.5 seconds

Gravel - Grass, Gravel and Snow mode = 5.3 seconds

Snow - Grass, Gravel and Snow mode = 11.3 seconds

Mud - Mud and Ruts mode = 6.5 seconds

Sand - Sand mode = 5.5 seconds


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