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Finally, 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU's Verified Images and Details Leaked

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Finally, 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU's Verified Images and Details Leaked Finally, 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU's Verified Images and Details Leaked

Posted by user name FS90 to, the leaked photos proves that the  JLU is near completion without any crazy changes, sticking with the traditional, beloved Wrangler design and comes with removable top! 

We have verified with sources that these indeed show the JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

This confirms the JLU will feature:

  • Solid frame, fixed roll cage in roughly the same location as current sport bar
  • Fully removable roof
  • Fully removable doors
  • Overall vehicle and windows/windshield appear taller above the belt line (more headroom and better visibility?)
  • Turns signal on side mirrors which are attached higher on the doors (within new window moldings) than current JKU.
  • Character line/belt line that runs the length of the car from A pillar to the rear
  • New larger front bumper design which extends out further
  • Fog lights location moved from middle of bumper to the edges
  • Front fenders end higher and contain LED light strips
  • Larger, more blunt/upright grille with kinked slats that bend slightly in the middle
  • Headlights curve into the outer grille slats (matches the previously leaked grille exactly)
  • Hood is slightly longer and appears to be less angular and with less forward rake than the current model
  • Rubicon hood looks similar to the current one, with black vents flanking a center hump
  • Hood latches position have moved forward slightly toward the edge of the hood
  • Vent and boomerang styling detail on front quarter panels, immediately aft of the front fenders
  • Fold down windshield with two side hinges instead of current center hinge (previously reported)
  • Taller, more raked windshield appears to sit lower (closer to the hood) with flatter glass (compared to current convex windshield)
  • New pull door handles, located lower than current handles (also see spy photos which show camouflaged door handles with no push-button provision)
  • Door handles area hints at possible keyless entry system
  • Exposed, redesigned (stubbier) door hinges
  • Taller windows with more rounded corners
  • Full length drip rails/rain gutter that spans the entire length of the vehicle (as opposed to just over the doors on the JK/JKU)
  • Rubicon model still features rock rails (also see spy photos)
  • Tai lights feature wrap-around design
  • Slight larger trunk space (bars connect to body at a more forward position than current)
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source: User FS90 from

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