posted in Autofan Auto Biz section March 1, 2017

Ford's overall sales down 4 percent versus a year ago

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DEARBORN, Michigan – Overall Ford Motor Company U.S. sales totaled 208,440 vehicles in February, a 4 percent decline versus a year ago. Retail sales of 134,576 vehicles decreased 3 percent, while fleet sales were down 5 percent, with 73,864 vehicles sold. The fleet decline reflects a strong year-ago comparison, with customer orders front-loaded in early 2016.

Overall car sales were down 24 percent, while customers continue to shift to trucks and SUVs.

Ford brand SUV sales totaled 68,820 vehicles – record February sales – up 6 percent versus a year ago. Record Escape sales of 27,637 vehicles and a 48 percent increase in Expedition sales drove the gains. Ford F-Series was up 9 percent, with 65,956 trucks sold. This represents F-Series’ best sales since 2004, with all-new Super Duty retail gains coming from every region of the country.

source: Ford Motor Co.

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