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GM Reports Record Full-Year Earnings Per Share

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General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) today announced record full-year 2016 results driven by strong retail demand for full-size trucks and SUVs in the United States, continued industry growth in China and effective cost performance across the globe.

Full-year 2016 Records:

EBIT-adjusted of $12.5 billion, up 15.9 percent

EBIT-adjusted margin of 7.5 percent, up 0.4 percentage points

EPS-diluted of $6.00, up 1.5 percent

EPS-diluted-adjusted of $6.12, up 21.9 percent

Revenue of $166.4 billion, up 9.2 percent

Automotive-adjusted free cash flow of $6.9 billion, up $4.7 billion

North America EBIT-adjusted of $12.0 billion.

Fourth-quarter 2016 Records:

Revenue of $43.9 billion, up 10.8 percent

ROIC-adjusted of 28.9 percent, up from 27.2 percent

Based on GM North America’s 2016 financial performance, approximately 52,000 eligible GM U.S. hourly employees will receive up to a maximum profit sharing payout of $12,000.

For complete details and to see reconciliations of non-GAAP to their most directly comparable GAAP measures, click here to download the full press release, or visit the GM Investor Relations website.

Investor analyst conference call

GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra and Executive Vice President and CFO Chuck Stevens will host a conference call for investor analysts at 10 a.m. EST today to discuss fourth-quarter business results. The call will include introductory remarks followed by a question and answer session for analysts. Journalists who wish to listen to the call can dial in using the following numbers:

United States:       1-888-808-8618

International:        +1-949-484-0645

Name of Call:        GM Earnings Call

(Note: All comparisons are year-over-year versus CY 2015 or Q4 2015)

source: General Motors

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