posted in Autofan News section February 3, 2017

2018 Jeep Wrangler Sticks With Its Diesel Dreams

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Diesels may be popular in the European market, but things are a little different statestide. Most folks in US don’t really care much about diesel and that’s the reason why automakers do not typically offer diesel-powered models in the country.

The whole issue surrounding the cheating emissions scandal among diesel-powered models faced by Volkswagen doesn’t make things any better, either.

And now, Jeep is being investigated over an emission scandal with their own diesel-powered SUVs. However, Jeep is refuting these claims as they view it as a mix up. This is because the alleged cheat device is said to be wrongly interpreted by EPA.

The automaker may be in a pretty hot mess right now but it isn’t altering its plans in bringing out a diesel engine for the next-gen Wrangler. Just recently, Jeep confirmed that it will launch the upcoming Wrangler with a diesel engine, as previously promised.

That said, it’s best to keep your hopes at a bare minimum for now as things can change quickly in matters as such.Let’s say Jeep is truly guilty of cheating their diesel emissions, then it would have no other choice but to overhaul its entire plans for the soon-to-arrive Wrangler.

source: Daily Sun Knoxville

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