posted in Autofan EV / Hybrid section February 1, 2017

Insider News: The Tesla Model 3's Interior

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Tesla has been very tight-lipped regarding the continued development of their upcoming mass-market electric car, the Model 3. We got a good look at a pre-production prototype a while back, but it didn’t seem to be quite finished, especially in the interior. Now we’ve heard something interesting about the interior that will make the new Tesla unique among pretty much every car you can buy today.

Now, let me clarify two things: first, this isn’t earth-shaking news, but it is novel and, I think, interesting. Second, the source we got this from seems to be close to Tesla, and while I feel like the source is reliable, we have not been able to absolutely 100% confirm the source. So, keep that in mind.

This “leak” has to do with how the Model 3's HVAC system will work, and how that will affect the design of the dash. You may recall that interior pictures of the Model 3 showed a shockingly spartan and spare dashboard, with pretty much nothing except a steering wheel and a flat screen in the middle.

One especially notable missing parts were vents. Pretty much every car has a set of dashboard-mounted vents to pump that sweet, sweet conditioned air into the car. Cool or hot air at your command – it’s one of the triumphs of modern motoring, right? So where are the vents?


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